Fenix PD35 TAC Review: Is It The Flashlight For You?

Like the specs of PD35 TAC of Fenix but don’t know if it suits your demands? Then check out this article for a thorough Fenix PD35 TAC review.

Dependable and reliable, PD35 TAC of Fenix is an excellent flashlight held in high regard by lots of users from ordinary homeowners to firearm enthusiasts. Nonetheless, as different people have different preferences, it’s impetuous to conclude that the Fenix flashlight is good for everyone. So to be on the safe side, you should at least hear what others say about the characteristics of PD35 TAC before actually buying it. But what if you don’t have the time to check out every Fenix PD35 TAC review on the Internet?

Need a comprehensive breakdown of PD35 TAC so you could determine the suitability of the Fenix flashlight for your uses? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. You would be able to find down below pretty much everything that you must consider about PD35 TAC of Fenix.   

Fenix PD35 TAC Review

Key Specifications Of The Flashlight

  • Dimensions: 137 x 25 Millimeters (Length x Diameter) 
  • Overall Weight: 89 Grams (Excluding The Battery) 
  • Available Modes: Tactical (Turbo, Low And Strobe) and EDC (Turbo, High, Mid, Low, Eco And Strobe) 
  • Running Time: From 1 Hour 10 Minutes (Turbo) to 140 Hours (Eco)
  • Power Source: One 18650 Battery/ Two CR123A Batteries

In-Depth Analyses Of Performance

  • Top-Of-The-Line Quality 

Made from premium aircraft-grade aluminum, PD35 TAC of Fenix is both light and rugged which makes it highly adaptable. Packing a hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, the Fenix flashlight could take everything you throw at it without having issues. In addition to that, Fenix PD35 TAC is waterproof as well: build to IPX-8 standard, the flashlight remains operational after being submerged under water as deep as 2 meters for 30 minutes. Last but not least, the flashlight from Fenix features a well-designed, anti-roll, slip-resistant body that facilitates handling.

  • Straightforward, No-Nonsense User Interface   

Using a combination of tail switch and side switch, Fenix PD35 TAC allows people to conveniently cycle through the modes. Offering up to 6 light settings, the EDC Mode is sufficient in most of the cases but if something comes up, you should be able to switch to the simple but fast Tactical Mode near instantly.  Once the battery is approaching depletion, the low-voltage reminder on the Fenix flashlight would notify you to find replacements. As a result, you have no need to worry too much about PD35 TAC going out all of a sudden. 

  • Outstanding Brightness For Many Situations 

As people pick up flashlights for illumination, the brightness of a particular model is undoubtedly one of its defining traits. Regarding PD35 TAC of Fenix, the use of advanced Cree XP-L(V5) LED lets it produce solid lights at a wide range of intensities. The lumen ratings of the lights coming from the Fenix flashlight vary but if required, it’s capable of making bindingly bright 1000-lumen beams that extend as long as 200 meters. That is why Fenix PD35 TAC definitely proves useful in quite a few tactical applications.         

  • First-Class Intelligent Memory Circuit

You like to have lots of brightness options but tend to use a certain light setting from time to time? Then PD35 TAC of Fenix is going to be a top-notch flashlight for you. Thanks to the incorporation of a memory circuit, PD35 TAC is able to remember the last setting you use before being turned off and automatically enter it once activated again. That is why you don’t have to cycle through all the settings in order to get to the one you prefer every time you turn on Fenix PD35 TAC, a feature that every Fenix PD35 TAC review rate favorably.     

  • A Variety Of Carrying Options 

Considering the compactness of Fenix PD35 TAC, it’s possible for you to carry it in one of your pockets. Still, since the flashlight from Fenix also possesses a handy pocket clip, you could attach it straight to your clothing. Additionally, Fenix gives a tough Velcro holster to users of PD35 TAC so remember to use that in the outdoors as well for comprehensive protection. Of course, in the case you want to keep the flashlight close, PD35 TAC also comes along a simple lanyard.      

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions And Answer About Fenix PD35 TAC

  • Is it possible to recharge batteries without taking them out?   

Generally speaking, Fenix PD35 TAC accepts rechargeable batteries but it lacks a built-in charger. Therefore, you must remove the batteries from the flashlight then place them in a suitable charger and perform the recharge. For safety reasons, it’s strongly recommended that you use high-quality batteries and chargers.  

  • Would Fenix PD35 TAC survive a drop from tall heights?  

PD35 TAC of  Fenix is made to handle drop impacts up to 1 meter in height. Nonetheless, you should avoid dropping the Fenix flashlight on hard surfaces to preserve its integrity. After all, it’s of utmost importance that you look after your electronics if you want to keep using them.    

  • Could I use other lithium batteries beside the listed ones? 

Aside from what the manufacturer suggests, a few other batteries out there indeed cause the LED bulb to light up. However, such batteries tend to have negative influences on the overall performance of the flashlight.  At best, the intensities of the emitted lights would be sub-par compared to usual. At worst, the components reside inside the flashlight could sustain permanent damages which turn Fenix PD35 TAC into a paperweight. So it’s widely advised that you play it safe and stick to the batteries listed in the owner manual.


  • What happens if I mess up the polarity while loading batteries into Fenix PD35 TAC?  

Fortunately, as the Fenix flashlight possesses reverse polarity protection, it’s well-protected against improper battery insertions in most cases.

  • What about post-purchase supports?

Fenix presents a limited lifetime warranty to every owner of Fenix products including PD35 TAC. If your flashlight breaks down in use due to manufacturing defects, you should be able to claim a free replacement.  

Conclusion: Fenix PD35 TAC Offer Sublime Values For Its Price

After checking the Fenix PD35 TAC review above, you would see that while the Fenix falls short of being flawless, it remains a solid flashlight. So if you need a tool to help you illuminate your surroundings in low light conditions, choose the Fenix model. 


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