What is the Best Music Stand Light?

You may wonder what’s your best music stand light. It can be a tough one to answer but we can help you make a choice. Take a look!

Music stand lights are awesome but not everyone makes use of them. Yes, they are usually only used by orchestral musicians who need to light up their sheet music when playing. This device is usually used by these musicians because they always end up playing in dark environments where vision could easily be impaired, making these lights necessary.

As a user of a music stand light, it may be quite some work to decide on the best music stand light. This is due to the variety of options which are available in the market. This guide is meant to help you out in making a choice. We have made a list of what we consider as our favorite options and the different factors to take a look at.

What makes a good Music Stand Light?

What are the factors which you consider when getting a music stand light:

Light Strength: You don’t need a sage to tell you that the main job of a stand light is to help with your visibility by illuminating the area. This makes it very important to consider how bright the light from the stand is. The light shouldn’t only come on for a fair distance but should be capable of lighting up the whole page. As an orchestral musician, it’s important that you can see all parts of the page clearly; including top and bottom.

This means that you have to consider the strength and reach of the light.

Battery-powered or corded: Well, a battery-powered music stand light is considered to be the more preferable choice when picking between these two options. The reason is quite simple. Just imagine how much stress you would have to go through if you had to look for an outlet to plug your stand light each time you wanted to play. The use of batteries makes you good to go at any point in time.

Now, your batteries can run out. So, its available to always have a spare set of batteries in case the ones you’re using run down. It would save you from disaster if it happens in the middle of a show.

LED Vs. Incandescent: Basically, there are two types of bulbs used in music stand lights, namely; Led and Incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs can last considerably longer than incandescent bulbs. However, you may have to pay higher prices for an LED bulb.

But with advancements in technology, LEDs are becoming more common and less costly. They also come with a “warm-up or cool down” time. This means that they’re always ready to be used and will operate at full brightness.

Shields: If you’re trying your best to stay hidden from the audience, you may want to get a light that is shielded from the audience. You don’t want an audience member to be distracted by the glow of your light instead of paying attention to the performers. A light with a bad shield could cause a fair amount of disturbance for the audience.

Material: You must purchase a light that is made from a durable material. Typically, stand lights are made from either plastic, aluminum or steel. Steel is the strongest and most durable of the three, followed by aluminum and then plastic. Steed is the least durable but also the most portable and lightest.

What are the best music stand lights?

So, what are the best music stand lights in the market?

Aria Brio R1. If you’re looking for something spectacular, then it’s worth taking note of the Aria Brio R1. First of all, its a rechargeable light and is capable of illuminating 4 full-sized pages of music; which is a lot more than many stands can do. The light also comes with a range of dimmer which allows you to control the amount of light it produces. The range dimmer will also help you conserve energy on some occasions when you’re using a lot of light. When fully charged, its capable of running for you can get up to 3 hours of intense brightness with a full charge, or 12 hours of half brightness. The great thing about all of this is that the intensity of the light will remain the same until the last moments that the energy stores are depleted.

Getting this music stand light would be some serious business.

Maestro Gear. This device is another state of the art music light. Maestro Gear is a clip-on music stand which is powered by 10 LEDs and features two switchable levels of brightness. There’s no denying that the lights of the stand light are very bright but they are not warm enough to hurt your eyes even after prolonged use.

Due to its design, you will be able to see two pages. The clips of the Maestro are very secure and can be attached to virtually any surface. It is battery-powered and can also be powered from an outlet.

Lumiens L9 Music Stand Light. This standing light has a very similar design to the Maestro Clip-on but has its distinguishing features. It can be easily attached to any surface of choice for increased convenience. The light possesses a total of 9 LEDs and even two levels of brightness. This means that it can be used for a variety of settings.

This music stand light is battery powered but also comes with a 78″ cord that allows it to be connected to an outlet. If not on the brightest intensity, it can last 20 hours when used with batteries. In simple terms, you can describe the Lumiens L9 Music Stand light as a light with a great amount of coverage and versatility. The white light which it produces is harmless to the eyes and makes visibility much better.

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